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Android Dashboard Mobile Widget To enhance the experience of an Android Smartie/Mobile and to steer away from the hassle of moving from one screen to another. An intelligent/effective/functional mobile Dashboard from Snovabits Mobile Software Solutions, that comprises all key controls in one screen, that is what we call Dashboard for mobiles. Install it on the home screen, then accessing your smart phone will be simple. Key Features included 1) Access all your frequently used application, your favourites too. 2) Listen to your loved music tracks, with the Dashboard Audio player. 3) Of course Facebook, log-in once and get all the updates on the Dashboard screen. 4) Step out cautiosly, check the Weather for the day and the day after. Works for all global locations, helps you while traveling. 5) A simple settings menu, to configure and control all the features. The Menu has small toggles for Start, Facebook, Weather, Music and Settings. A Little toggle was used as a start, a single click on 'Start 'opens the Menu for Dashboard, double click will open all the features of the Dashboard in a full screen. Each feature has it own toggle, maximise and minimise happen with single click. It helps to maximise or minimise any feature as required. Weather updates for the day and the next day is displyaed. The weather updates are linked to real time weather updates and contains more than 30 weather conditions. Neat and colourful image used to define each weather condition. The weather reports are geo–coded, to instantly detect the location of the Mobile and weather reports of that particular location are displayed in sync with the real weather condition of that particular location. Place the required mobile applications on the Dashboard, which are frequently used . The apps can be added to or removed from the Dashboard with settings menu. Eight of your most frequently used apps will be displayed at a time. The rest of the apps can be viewed with the help of forward and backward button, new set of apps four in number will be displaced replaced others. Almost all the applications intalled on the phone can be integrated with the Dashboard. This version of Dashboard have a simple Audio player, which can play your favourite music tracks, selected tracks will be played in an alphabetical order. Songs can be controlled using pause, play, forward and backward buttons. Get live feeds of Facebook/Twitter updates and happenings of your close and dear ones. Note: Currently widget does not support for any small screen devices. It will be supported in next version.

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